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In bold, contemporary and vintage styles, our one-of-a-kind pieces are unique creations that are shaped by your desires.

At Modern Love Jewellery, we believe bespoke jewellery is where your vision meets our craftsmanship and experience.

From hand selecting the perfect gemstone to the first touch of your exquisite modern heirloom, no creative process is more magical.

Together we can create a piece of history.

Fantastic service, beautiful design, and unrivalled professionalism.

Highly recommend!

Louis Grilli


Discover our collections

Created with passion, our wide range of beautifully crafted jewellery represents extraordinary value.

In all our high-quality pieces, MLJ strive to work with ethically sourced materials and use Canadian or conflict-free diamonds and natural gemstones.

Browse our regularly updated selection to find our latest ready-to-buy jewellery—from glamorous rings and necklaces to simple pendants and earrings.


Find your perfect ring

Traditional or contemporary, however you want to express your love, Modern Love Jewellery welcome you.

With years of experience and expertise, we are here to guide you personally through all the options before the big day.

So when you offer your beloved that elegant engagement ring or exchange stylish wedding bands with your partner, we know it will create the perfect memory.

Gemstone Experts

Allow our certified diamond grader and Gemologist to curate a selection of gemstones with the finest materials for your custom project.

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