At Modern Love Jewellery, we believe that like a brilliant gemstone each one of us is unique. We believe that you should be able to craft a beautiful statement to express that uniqueness—exactly the way you desire. We believe together we can create a masterpiece that will be the perfect gift, the ultimate engagement ring or the wedding band that is an ideal expression of your commitment to one another.

Our passion is producing the finest jewellery possible. We love to do that by working closely with our clients to realize their dream. From choosing the right stone and materials to the precise cut and setting, our custom bespoke process lets you have complete control over all aspects of your jewellery. Our one-of-a-kind creations give you an unlimited choice of stones and any precious metal you desire. Simply allow your imagination and creativity to flourish under our expert guidance.

We use our years of professional experience and gemmological expertise to facilitate the process and work with all budgets and styles. Whether you opt for a cutting-edge design or a fresh version of a vintage look, your custom piece will be fashioned from the highest quality materials. At MLJ, we strive to work with ethical, responsibly sourced precious metals and natural gemstones.

We guarantee you will find it a profoundly satisfying experience and at the end we will have designed an exquisite piece that you will cherish for a lifetime. It will be breathtaking, expertly crafted and out of the ordinary. It will be a future heirloom.

At MLJ, we are open to working with anyone who is serious about creating their dream jewellery. Come and see us in person (our showroom is in Burlington, Ontario) or if you live farther afield, we can also work together online (generally via email). Our initial consultations are also free of charge with no advance commitment needed.

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