Jewellery Care

With proper care and mindfulness, your Modern Love Jewellery will last you a lifetime—and more. Each piece we make has the potential to become a family heirloom if it is cared for and maintained properly. However, you will need to give due consideration to the natural vulnerabilities of the gemstones and metals used in your MLJ piece.

Natural stones each possess their own distinct characteristics. Colour variations, natural inclusions and fissures may be present. These naturally occurring inclusions can exist internally and even reach the stone’s surface. While diamonds, sapphires and rubies are hard-wearing gemstones, they can still be scratched, chipped or broken if care is not taken—especially if they meet a significant impact.

Following our guidelines can help ensure your Modern Love Jewellery is preserved for generations to come.

Location & Storage

When not being worn, always place your jewellery in a safe location. Choose a safe spot to leave your special pieces while sleeping, bathing, applying lotions, makeup or perfumes, washing dishes, entering chlorinated water and hot tubs, gardening or engaging in manual activities such as lifting weights and exercising.

Make this ‘safe spot’ a routine. This will help you to instill an excellent habit of removing your valuables prior to engaging in any activity that could damage them and also ensures that your jewellery can be found easily when you are ready to wear it.

great rule of thumb is to always make your jewellery the last thing you put on before you go out the door and make it the first thingyou take off once you return home.

Do not store all of your jewellery pieces together in one container, drawer or box where they are piled up or sit so closely that they can scuff or scratch one another. For example, your diamond ring resting against pearls will scrape and damage the pearls’ nacre. The same goes for your gemstones. A harder gemstone (like diamond) can scratch the surface of a softer gem (such as opal or turquoise) if they are touching each other when stored away.

Avoid storing jewellery near moisture and heat, direct sunlight or near a radiator. Storing your pieces in ziplock bags is a great way to keep each item in your collection safe from moisture, scratching and chemical exposure when not being worn. Humidity plays a large factor in why your sterling silver jewellery tarnishes. Wiping your sterling pieces off with a soft cloth and storing them in a ziplock will help to keep them from tarnishing.


We offer complimentary cleaning of all of your Modern Love Jewellery pieces. For a small fee (based on volume), we are also happy to professionally clean your other jewellery.

Between professional cleanings, a simple solution of warm (not hot) water and a spot of mild dish soap gently applied with a soft bristle toothbrush to your diamonds or gemstones will get them sparkling again.

Never expose coloured gemstones to chemicals, extreme heat or cold, solvents or an ultrasonic cleaner without knowing the stone’s specific cleaning requirements.

If you are cleaning your jewellery by the sink, remember to plug the drain! Otherwise, loose stones and even your entire ring can get lost if it slips from your hands while cleaning.

If you are unsure of what to use, or of the gems that are in your pieces, the best thing to do is ask first. We can provide you with more detailed care and cleaning guidelines based on the particular item. If it is an MLJ piece, we can provide you with expert care instructions specific to your gemstone(s) at the time of purchase.