Warranty & Repairs

Our jewellery is handmade with care, using the finest materials and inspected for quality assurance, ensured to be free from known defects. Our warranty will cover repairs or replacement of any defective pieces as a result of manufacturing free of charge, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This does not include items that have been misused or abused. Our warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear such as the wearing of metal, stone damage or breakage due to wear, neglect, abuse, accidental damage or loss, etc. We do not warranty stone damage, breakage or loss.

In order to determine a manufacturing defect, we will have to inspect your jewellery in person. Please contact MLJ at policies@modernlovejewellery.com with your name, description of damage and photos. Proof of purchase must accompany items being returned for warranty work. Shipping charges may apply.

If you are unable to visit MLJ in person, you will be issued a return authorization (RA) number and specific shipping instructions. Please note, that we do not accept returns without an RA number. Shipments that do not follow the specific shipping instructions we provide will not be opened and will be returned at shipper’s cost. Once MLJ receive your repair, a quote will be provided. The client is responsible for all charges associated with the repair (service and shipping fees).

Repairs may take up to 4-6 weeks for completion.

 *Please note that alterations made by a goldsmith other than Modern Love Jewellery or an MLJ approved goldsmith will void the warranty.*

MLJ recommend annual inspection of your jewellery to ensure your pieces are free from damage and to prevent stone loss, as with regular wear, settings can become loose over time. Your annual inspection is also an opportunity for us to give your jewellery a complimentary sparkling.

Repair Past Warranty / Accidental Damages

If something breaks past our one year warranty, we are pleased to offer repair services to get your jewellery piece looking and feeling good as new.

Accidental damage that occurs at any time should be brought to our attention as soon as possible so we can determine the seriousness and find a solution before further issues arise. 

Accidents happen! Please do not be afraid to ask if you think you may have caused damage to your MLJ piece, it is better to be safe than sorry. You will enjoy wearing it more if you know everything is sound and secure.

Modern Love Jewellery recommend you insure your jewellery against loss, damage and theft.