At MLJ, we are devoted to jewellery. We care about every detail. That is why we offer a wide range of specialized jewellery services, including extensive repairs and remodelling for modern pieces and valued heirlooms.

Our essential care also covers routine adjustments, resizing and pearl and bead restringing. In addition, we offer gemstone sourcing and refurbishment, as well as other gemmological and appraisal services, including assessment for insurance purposes.

We understand that your jewellery is unique, so we confirm our timeframe and pricing only after we have listened to what you want and properly assessed each item. That way you are guaranteed the best service possible.

Find out more about our services below, then make an appointment to see us in Burlington, Ontario. Contact us via the form below.

Often jewellery sits unworn inside its box just because it needs a simple, affordable repair. Our repairs start from as little as $5. We fix all the common metalwork problems from chains and bracelets with missing or broken links to damaged earrings, ring shanks and prongs. We also offer watch repair and maintenance, as well as battery and strap replacement. Contact us and we will expertly assess the job and provide a fair estimate and timeline. Very soon your stunning jewellery will be admired again.

Rings are an item of jewellery that can provide challenges when it comes to fit. Whether you have inherited a ring that is the wrong size for you or due to changes in your own hands, a treasured item can be too awkward or uncomfortable to wear. However, MLJ provides a series of discreet solutions including sizing up or down and specialized ring shank adjustments (such as for arthritic needs). Inquire about how we can improve your ring’s comfort and fit.

Many of us have old jewellery that has great sentimental value, but is no longer wearable. However, it is possible to take the old item and create a new piece—one that suits you and your lifestyle. This way you have wearable, contemporary jewellery, but preserve those precious feelings and memories. At MLJ, we work very closely with the client using expertise and sensitivity to provide imaginative solutions to maintain the old jewellery’s sentiment and history, but create it afresh. Make contact to begin the consultation process.

It is common for a string of pearls or beads to lie unused because the thread has deteriorated. Yet to have them restrung is probably the simplest and quickest service MLJ offers. We can restring to the same length or add length (which is a slightly longer process) by sourcing matching pearls or beads. Contact us and we can generally give a quick cost and time estimate on sight.

One of the most rewarding processes for us at MLJ is working with heirlooms and antique jewellery. Not only is it a chance to visit another design era, such as Art Deco, but we also have the satisfaction of knowing these long-cherished pieces are going to be on display again.

Working with antiques requires very careful assessment of the damage and precise repairs and restoration. For example, for broken or missing stones, we would source matching replacements and ensure they are cut in exactly the same antique style.

There are also smaller repairs that can make a huge impact: cleaning, polishing, tightening, making sure the gemstones are set securely and retipping any prongs. These adjustments can be enough to make your heirloom piece as bright as the day it was first made.

However, some older pieces are beyond repair. Fortunately, there is a solution: reconstruction. We can harvest the stones, refurbish them, cut and repolish them, and then make an exact replica of the original piece. This requires a great skillset and experience—it is a challenge we relish. 

Whatever route you wish to take to restore or reconstruct your heirloom, at MLJ we are happy to engage with you and find the optimum solution.

Gemstone sourcing, which is also part of the custom design process, means finding the perfect match for a stone that has been lost or badly damaged in an existing piece. We will source the exact colour and size and custom cut it precisely. We use our extensive global contacts for natural coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls. All of our gemstones are natural as are our diamonds, which are Canadian or conflict-free, and in addition we are able to offer laboratory-grown diamonds. Please inquire about MLJ’s different gemstone options.

It is our most loved jewellery that is usually the most tired. Over time, the gems get slightly worn, abraded or even chipped. Fortunately, it is possible to refurbish them. Although it is dependent on the extent of the wear or damage, we can generally remove the stone, repolish it and reset it back into the original mount. The stone will look as good as new—or better. And in the cases where the stone is too damaged to refurbish, MLJ will be able to provide a matching replacement stone and set it in the original mount. Either way, it is a great opportunity to breathe new life into your well-loved jewellery.

Insurance appraisals are a vital part of caring for your beloved jewellery pieces. If something happens to your jewellery (lost, stolen, damaged), you will be relieved that your insurance is accurate and up to date. (Most Canadian insurers require regular appraisals on jewellery. Check with your insurer for the exact timeframe.)

There are three main types of appraisal:

1. Insurance Appraisal

This is the best type for insurance purposes. It reflects the retail replacement value that an insurance company will reimburse you for loss, theft, catastrophic damages and so on (up to the assessed amount and depending on the coverage chosen). This is the type of appraisal that we offer on a complimentary basis with each custom MLJ piece and is performed by an independent third party.

2. Private Sale Value Appraisal

This would be the kind of appraisal you would have done if, for example, you had inherited a piece or were looking to establish the value of an item for estate probate purposes or for a private sale. In other words, this appraisal is to establish what someone would be willing to pay for your jewellery item.

3. Liquidation Value Appraisal

This type of assessment is carried out for clients to establish the “cash” value of an item. In the case of gold, it is for scrap, while gemstones may be reusable.

Insurance Estimates

This is similar to an insurance appraisal except that it is after the worst has happened and the piece is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair and the client’s appraisal is out of date (or in rare cases, non-existent). Using whatever information is available (description or photos) an estimate is provided to the insurers of how much it would be to replace or remake the piece at today’s costs.

We also offer a range of other less well known but very useful services for our clients.

Natural diamond testing, which is a confirmation of the stone’s authenticity.

Stone plotting and grading, which means mapping out the specific characteristics of a gemstone, such as inclusions, growth lines and extra facets. This service is an excellent added reassurance that helps identify a gemstone should it ever be lost or stolen.

Laser inscription is a relatively new process, but one we have embraced. It allows you to have a custom message, code, special date or symbol laser inscribed on to your stone. A wonderful hidden feature that sets your gem apart, is excellent for security, and only you will know is there.

Loose gemstone certificates act as a precertification that a stone you own is indeed what you believe it to be, prior to setting it. (We provide credit card or letter size certificates.)

Travel documents act as proof of ownership for highly valued or sentimental items prior to travelling out of the country. The pieces are photographed and described without a valuation.