Instant Crush with Purple Garnet Ring in 14K White Gold

14k white gold, featuring a 0.98ct Rhodolite Garnet. Ring size 6. 1.75mm wide shank and the ‘cage’ height is 6.3mm high.

When we acquire an exceptional gemstone we find that its character drives the rest of the jewellery creation process. There is no doubt as to the unique vibrance of this garnet—a fiery purple and magenta with deep red flashes. We knew it would require an equally exceptional setting. For the metal, we chose the cooler look of 14k white gold, so the tone complements, and does not compete with, the purple of this Amaranth Rhodolite garnet. For the setting, we were inspired by seeing some graffiti art in our travels to Tucson, Arizona and decided to create a 3-D version of it. The result feels architectural: an interplay of complex lines, angles, and forms. As you turn the ring in your fingers, the stone and the setting constantly transform—no view is alike. Strong but intricate, the Instant Crush ring will appeal to anyone who loves modern lines and sculptural forms. This is a statement piece that turns heads, and one you might just want to wear every day!

  • One year warranty
  • Hand made in Canada
  • Ethically sourced metals
  • Conflict free gemstones
  • Complimentary lifetime cleaning

At Modern Love Jewellery, we are fully committed to ethical jewellery. We aim to work only with responsibly sourced or recycled precious metals. All of our gemstones are natural, as are our diamonds, which are Canadian or conflict free.


This item can be made to order in other metals and karats (yellow/rose/white golds) as well as platinum. It can be custom ordered in different proportions and with different shapes and sizes of gemstone. If this piece is perfect except for its ring size, we can size it or remake it in the appropriate size for you. (Additional costs may apply.)

Additonal Information

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