Precious Pink Topaz Floating Pendant in 14K White Gold

14K white gold, pink topaz 0.26pts, 4mm round stone, 16-inch chain.

One of the hardest naturally occurring minerals, topaz has fascinated the world for thousands of years. It is typically found in golden brown to yellow shades, with blues, reds and pale greens also relatively common. Pink topaz is only created by an unusual combination of mineralogical transformations and so is the rarest hue. The pink of this stone is very delicate, reminiscent of a ballerina’s silk slippers, and we have paired it with white gold to maintain the balance in the pendant. Its rarity does affect its price, but also guarantees this is definitely not a run-of-the-mill piece that you will see around lots of other necks. It would make a delightful and unique gift for a teenager, anyone who enjoys soft hues, or a November birthday. Although it is a very rare and distinctive piece on its own, we are hoping someone will layer it with our aquamarine floating pendant. The combination would be almost otherworldly! (If you do want to combine any MLJ pendants, this would be best done by adjusting the chain sizes relative to one another, which is easily done, and can be ordered via the contact form on the Custom page.)

  • One year warranty
  • Hand made in Canada
  • Ethically sourced metals
  • Conflict free gemstones
  • Complimentary lifetime cleaning

At Modern Love Jewellery, we are fully committed to ethical jewellery. We aim to work only with responsibly sourced or recycled precious metals. All of our gemstones are natural, as are our diamonds, which are Canadian or conflict free.


This item can be made to order in other metals and karats (yellow/rose/white golds) as well as platinum. It can be custom ordered in different proportions and with different shapes and sizes of gemstone. If this piece is perfect except for its ring size, we can size it or remake it in the appropriate size for you. (Additional costs may apply.)

Additonal Information

If you have any questions regarding this Modern Love Jewellery piece, please do not hesitate to ask.

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