Tanzanite Floating Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold

14K yellow gold, tanzanite 0.34pts, 4mm round stone, 16-inch chain.

Some gemstones have an air of mystery about them. Tanzanite is certainly one of them. It is very rare and is only mined in a small part of Tanzania (hence its name). Rumours are always circulating about it. Will supplies be completely exhausted soon? No one knows the answer, but there is no doubt the mineral’s collectability and price are rising. Then there is its colour. Is it purple or blue? Tanzanite is the kind of gemstone that actually changes colour as you turn it in your hand, as well as in different lighting conditions. Yet whatever we call the colour, this purple-blue gemstone is striking and regal in appearance. We have accentuated the magnificent royal tone with a yellow gold setting to create a genuine statement. We envisage it being worn for occasions, but would love it if someone wanted to make it an everyday piece. Tanzanite has also recently been made the birthstone for December.

  • One year warranty
  • Hand made in Canada
  • Ethically sourced metals
  • Conflict free gemstones
  • Complimentary lifetime cleaning

At Modern Love Jewellery, we are fully committed to ethical jewellery. We aim to work only with responsibly sourced or recycled precious metals. All of our gemstones are natural, as are our diamonds, which are Canadian or conflict free.


This item can be made to order in other metals and karats (yellow/rose/white golds) as well as platinum. It can be custom ordered in different proportions and with different shapes and sizes of gemstone. If this piece is perfect except for its ring size, we can size it or remake it in the appropriate size for you. (Additional costs may apply.)

Additonal Information

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